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Export into a zip file

This option exports a dataset and configuration settings into a single zip file. This is useful to keep the package permanently on your local disk and to share it with others.
Each zip package contains two files below:
  • config.js

Import from a zip file

Click the Import button in the menu bar, and upload a zip file previously exported.

Embed into your pages

This option exports a dataset, configuration settings, and essential JavaScript packages together. With this JavaScript file, you can embed the visualization into a HTML code as follows:
Load scripts in the header of the your html:
<script src=''></script>
Place div tag with id='blitzboard':
<div style="width:100%; height: 500px;" id='blitzboard'></div>
Download <name>_<datetime>.js, and add this file path after the items above:
<script src='./<name>_<datetime>.js'></script>
You can also call the API with graph data (in .pg format) and config:
let blitzboard = new Blitzboard(document.getElementById('blitzboard'));
blitzboard.update(pg, config);